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The California Disaster Mental HealthCoalition is a statewide, collaborative, multidisciplinary organization benefitting
the people of California when disasters strike through networking, coordination, consultation, and information sharing.


Since 2003 the California Disaster Mental Health Coalition (CDMHC) has been endeavoring to improve disaster mental health services across professional disciplines in the field of disaster mental health. We focus on ways to partner with disaster mental health providers in the public and private sectors to help our communities recover from crises and disasters.

The Coalition consists of representatives from various professional associations, governmental agencies, and consulting affiliates. Together, we exchange information and stay updated on changes in the domain of disaster mental health. We design and implement methods to expand service delivery during and after disasters. In one project, the Coalition amassed over 700 professional mental health providers to provide pro bono services within California following the Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita disasters.

The Coalition collaborated with the State of California in developing Disaster Mental Health Core Competencies for mental health responders that were included in the State of California Mental/Behavioral Health Disaster Framework (December 2012). A Core Work Group of the California Mental/Behavioral Health Disaster Planning Project was convened in December 2015 to address the implementation of the Framework. The Core Work Group includes members of CDMHC who represent the various professional mental health associations.

Coalition members seek to mentor each other as well as other mental health providers interested in the dynamic field of disaster mental health. It is crucial that providers of disaster mental health services are sufficiently trained to satisfy the Core Competencies and provide “best practices” and evidence-based interventions. We encourage our colleagues to affiliate with established organizations before disasters strike, which provides them with training, deployment, and legitimacy as part of a coordinated disaster relief operation.

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